Yoga freeware

Yoga freeware 3.6

Integration of self with the wider world


  • Provides a theoretical background on Yoga
  • Photographic sequence of the sun salutation


  • Doesn’t show you passage by passage how to reach a position
  • Poor graphic and navigation


If you would like to know more about what yoga is, you can download this application which, although not very comprehensive, will provide an introduction to the discipline.
You can get information about yoga traditions, instruction, articles, asanas, which are body position, and the sun salutation via the six chapters on the left side of the main frame.

The navigation of this e-book is not extremely pleasant, but I liked the idea of the progressive photos to explain how to properly execute the sun salutation.
It would have been good to have the same type of images for all the asanas named in the previous chapter.
If you are interested by yoga and would like to read articles on the discipline and its history, give Yoga Freeware a try and practice the sun salutation to begin with.

yoga freeware is an award-winning software program, featuring: yoga instructions (hatha yoga, raja yoga & jnana yoga), articles and photos of asanas.

Yoga freeware


Yoga freeware 3.6

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